Sunday 11th March – also at Aboyne Primary

(Please note date change)

Mars Project Exhibit (all weekend), 11:00 (Sunday) : presentations by after-school science Clubs.

Initial design of farming complex with aquaponics for fish and veg

How would you design a permanent long term self-sustainable colony on Mars? This was the challenge which we gave to the three after-school science Clubs we run at Towie, Craigievar and Tarland (which includes Logie Coldstone), and the first question we asked them is “Do you want to take a pet?”

Initial concept – domed houses

From that simple beginning we have explored both the physical and psychological aspects of being a colonist in a permanent colony on Mars.

We only had two rules as they designed their response:  it must be scientifically possible and self-sustainable.

The results will include a series of models showing various aspects of how the youngsters have seen the future and a series of posters showing their designs.

Initial model for stacked pig housing with access to outside area

All three Clubs will come together on Sunday to explain their designs to you and to Stuart Dunbar, leader of the SCI-FUN Roadshow who we have invited to critique them.